Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Forget the tables.

If you are going to be accessible you do not want to design a full page using tables. There are so many reason I can go into why that is wrong. However I want to remind you that using tables correctly, when needed, would be the best and smartest thing you can do for all your users. Especially those using assistant technologies.

Here are some links to help you along making your tables accessible and look pretty too!
  1. Explains the use of things like scope, abbr and a good format. (Presented in 2005 but it is not outdated yet.)
  2. The author at reminds us that tables still easily look nice.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Remove All" Shopping Cart Button?

Is "clearing" a shopping cart with one button still as important as it use to be? My first thought is no, especially since it is very common to have a "remove item" link next to the product. However as I think about it now I might change my mind.

I believe that there are somethings on a website, especially for online stores, that are needed to portray a sence of security and trustworthiness to the user. The "clear all", "clear shopping cart", and "remove all items in cart" maybe one of these feel good items.
Plus (I would need some real feed back here) I bet assistive technology users would like to have "clear all".

Any thoughts?

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